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Advanced MSK

MRI for Radiologists - Advanced - MSK 2

AAVSB RACE approved for 60 credits of CE.

To ensure you find the right course for your interests and abilities, please contact Dr. Sage prior to registering at Jaime@mrivets.co (please note that it's mrivets.co instead of .com).

This 5-week course includes 25 additional examples of essential cases a radiologist needs to master to confidently diagnose common and more complex MSK disorders. While tailored to radiologists with an adequate foundation in MRI, the experienced Sports Medicine surgeon may also benefit from this course. MSK 1 is a prerequisite for this course.

Sample topics include:

Advanced traumatic joint disease
MSK neoplasia
MSK inflammatory or infectious disorders
Extra-articular disorders

Instruction is case-based and self-paced, including writing reports. For each case you submit, you will receive a gold-standard report and key images to review against your findings. Each week you will meet with Dr. Sage via Zoom conference to review the cases and discuss any questions you may have.

"MRIVets case-based learning provides quality feedback from Dr Sage in an easy to navigate online format. I recommend the courses as a great continuing education opportunity for radiologists of any experience level. The volume of material for the allotted time is very reasonable and the courses can be accomplished within the schedule of a busy private practice radiologist." -Liz Watson DVM MS DACVR

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